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VA disability claims for benefits can be denied for a variety of reasons.

Though most of the reasons that VA disability compensation claims are rejected turn out to be relatively minor, it can be frustrating for those that submit them and do not understand what went wrong.

Below are the top reasons that VA disability claims experts find their clients have had claims denied and what should be done to prevent these mistakes from the start.

1. Not Understanding the VA Disability Claims Filing Process

The number one mistake that veterans make to cause their VA disability claim to be denied is not understanding the application process.

Veterans must first confirm their eligibility for these benefits based on their military service, then submit the necessary forms along with all required evidence that connects their disability to their service.

They must have a Compensation and Pension or C&P exam done by a VA doctor and also be able to show that the condition affects their ability to earn income.

2. Failing to Submit All Essential Information

To receive VA disability compensation, veterans must be able to prove through their submitted evidence that their condition happened or was exacerbated during qualifying military service.

That means submitting military medical and incident records, post-service medical records, and even other evidence such as personal testimonials and statements from medical doctors supporting the connection between the injury or illness and their military service.

3. Exaggerating the Impact of A Disability

While the disability claims process does involve assessing the severity of a veteran’s disability, it is wrong to exaggerate the impact the disability has on their life.

More often than not, VA disability claims experts find that veterans who seem to exaggerate the impact of their disability can threaten the believability of their whole claim.

It is best to just be honest about everything.

Should the disability get worse over time, it is possible to have VA ratings adjusted if the impact increases.

4. Not Filing An Appeal After A Denial

Just because a VA disability claim gets denied the first time, it does not mean the claim should be dropped altogether.

Claims get denied all the time for simple reasons or even minor application mistakes, so appeals should always be filed and worked through.

Veterans can seek assistance from claims experts when dealing with appeals on approvals or ratings to help them get through the process with greater success.

5. Relying on the C&P Examiner to Support A Claim

A veteran must undergo a Compensation and Pension or C&P exam as part of the VA disability compensation claims process; however, they should not rely on the examiner to state their case for them.

In addition to the exam, veterans must still provide as much evidence as they possibly can that substantiates their claim and the service connection to their injury or illness.

It is up to the veteran to make sure their disability claim is well-supported, so if help is needed to do that or a veteran has questions, help should be sought.

6. Not Filing for Secondary Conditions

Another common mistake made by eligible veterans is failing to file a secondary claim when a secondary disability related to their primary disability arises or worsens.

If the two are connected, the veteran has every right to file their claim, have their secondary condition rated, and get the additional compensation they may be due.

7. Failing to Seek Help From A VA Disability Claims Expert

When problems arise in the filing of VA disability claims or claims are denied, instead of simply accepting their denial, veterans should seek help.

A VA disability claims expert can help them find the problem with their application, then appeal the denial so they can file again, submitting more and possibly better evidence.

Avoid Mistakes for Better ;Success When Filing VA Disability Claims

VA disability claims offer essential financial assistance to entitled disabled veterans that need it.

Mistakes made in the VA disability compensation claims process can result in a veteran’s claim being declined.

When that happens, veterans should reach out to VA disability claims experts that can help them correct their mistakes, then resubmit their claim so it can be hopefully processed for approval!

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