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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a complex mental health condition that affects many veterans.

As common as it is, the VA PTSD disability claims process can be exceptionally challenging due in part to the complexity of diagnosing and rating PTSD.

It is recommended that veterans get VA PTSD disability claims assistance when they are affected by PTSD to increase their chances of success in filing a VA disability claim.

VA PTSD disability claims help can increase the chance that a veteran’s claim for PTSD will be accepted, either as a primary or secondary claim.

VA PTSD Disability Claims Relate to the DSM-5 Criteria for PTSD

The diagnosis of PTSD is very complex.

Although it is sometimes easier to diagnose in certain populations that include combat veterans, there are many diagnostic criteria that VA PTSD disability claims must meet to receive a VA rating based on this condition.

The DSM-5 lists eight different criteria that can apply to this diagnosis, only the first of which includes exposure to a qualifying traumatic event such as witnessing or receiving threats of death or serious injury, experiencing violence, or some other traumatic experience.

What can make filing disability claims based on PTSD even more complicated is that it may not be the primary disability diagnosis.

In either case, VA PTSD disability claim assistance can help veterans get a better understanding of their PTSD diagnosis and what must be done to file a VA disability claim for this condition.

The VA Recognizes Two Classifications of PTSD

Another issue that those filing VA PTSD disability claims must consider is that the VA recognizes both combat-related PTSD and non-combat PTSD as service-connected disabilities.

While it is usually easier to prove the former with the right diagnosis, proving the latter can be especially challenging, though not impossible.

Evidence of service-connected ;but non-combat PTSD that happens due to military or training accidents include sexual trauma, survivor’s guilt, and other reasons.

VA PTSD disability claim help may be required in either case to gather the right evidence for filing a successful claim or challenging a low VA rating based on PTSD diagnoses.

Filing VA PTSD Claims Can Be Challenging

Depending on the service-connected disability diagnosis and how PTSD is associated with that, some veterans may want to seek VA PTSD disability claims assistance to either get their PTSD recognized or increase their disability rating.

PTSD may be a primary condition in itself or it might be considered a secondary condition if a secondary claim is filed.

In both cases and due to the difficulty in diagnosing as well as gauging the seriousness of PTSD, veterans who are dissatisfied with their disability rating should seek disability claims help that might allow them to effectively appeal their VA rating.

Get VA PTSD Disability Claims Assistance

PTSD is a serious and debilitating condition that qualifies for VA PTSD disability claims for former service members suffering from it.

Veterans may wish to seek VA PTSD disability claims assistance to correctly report their condition to gain optimal consideration and an appropriate disability rating.

Veterans who believe their condition is greater than their disability rating or have questions about secondary ratings related to PTSD may be able to change those ratings by seeking VA PTSD disability claims help.

Experienced representatives can help them gather the evidence necessary about their service-connected PTSD diagnosis to get the consideration they deserve.

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