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The veterans disability benefits system is structured to provide veterans with benefits according to a disability scale, with more benefits provided for those who have a higher rating.

Veterans who believe they may be entitled to additional disability benefits may be able to increase their disability pay by proving they are eligible for it.

A veteran can take multiple courses of action to do so.

Eligible individuals have the greatest chance of increasing their VA disability benefits by following one of these three paths. 

1. File to Increase Rating of A Current Disability 

Over time, some veterans may find that the condition for which they receive veterans disability benefits starts to worsen.

When that happens and a veteran starts experiencing more symptoms than when they initially applied for and received a rating for disability benefits, they may be entitled to additional benefits.

To receive an increase in a current rating to receive additional VA disability benefits, veterans should file VA Form 21-526b and go through the filing and rating process again.

They will need to provide all evidence supporting not just the condition, but also how the symptoms have increased, and likely go through another C&P Exam.

Those experiencing increased symptoms may qualify for a higher disability rating and the additional pay that comes with it. 

2. File to Add An Additional Disability 

As time passes, veterans receiving disability benefits for one condition may find themselves experiencing additional conditions.

A new condition that is also related to military service can be addressed by filing for an additional disability rating.

Similarly, a secondary condition that arises as a result of the service-connected condition that has already been rated may also qualify.

In either case, veterans can seek veterans disability benefits help to properly file an additional or secondary disability in an effort to increase their VA rating and receive additional benefits. 

3. Dispute A Current Disability Rating

When someone disagrees with the veterans disability benefits rating they are assigned and believes it should be higher, they can dispute their current rating in an appeal.

This appeal should be filed as a “Notice of Disagreement” with the VA.

When doing so, the veteran will be required to provide as much evidence as possible to support their disagreement with their current rating.

As with adding another disability to a current rating, veterans who disagree with their rating and wish to appeal it should seek experienced VA disability benefits help to guide them through the appeals process and help them assemble the most important evidence to support their appeal for a higher rating. 

Some Veterans Can Increase Veterans Disability Benefits

Veterans disability benefits ratings can change over time as conditions evolve.

When a veteran believes they may be entitled to a higher rating and the additional disability pay that would come with it, there are a number of options for seeking an increase.

Veterans looking to increase their benefits should seek VA disability benefits help for the best results when filing to increase a rating, add a disability, or file a disagreement.

An experienced veterans disability benefits professional can review evidence with them and guide them as they approach this situation using the most suitable course of action.

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