When disabled veterans experience mental health problems secondary to their service-connected disability, a VA lifestyle impact claim may help to increase their disability rating and benefits.

The purpose of VA disability lifestyle impact claims is to present evidence that a veteran’s disability rating should be increased due to quality of life issues brought on by the disability which have led to mental health problems.

These claims can sometimes be difficult to file and seeking VA lifestyle impact claims help from an experienced professional can be useful.

What Is A VA Lifestyle Impact Claim?

A VA lifestyle impact claim is a disability claim submitted for the purpose of increasing a veteran’s disability rating.

It is a claim stating that the veteran is experiencing a decreased quality of life due to the impact of their service-connected condition on their life.

VA disability lifestyle impact claims relate to depression and other mental health conditions that arise after and are related to the service-connected disability and the veteran’s inability to hold a job or otherwise lead a normal life.

Who Is Eligible for A VA Lifestyle Impact Ratings Increase?

Veterans seeking to submit a VA lifestyle impact claim must meet two qualifications.

  • The veteran must have a primary, rated service-connected disability with any rating amount, including 0%.
  • The primary disability diagnosis must have resulted in a secondary mental health condition or the worsening of an existing mental health condition.

Depression and anxiety are the most common diagnoses reported through VA lifestyle impact claims, but any diagnosed mental health condition applies if it is directly related to the service-connected condition.

How Should A VA Lifestyle Impact Claim Be Filed?

The biggest challenge that veterans face when attempting to submit a VA disability lifestyle impact claim is going about it the wrong way.

These lifestyle impact claims help tips can bring better success to veterans hoping to increase their disability rating due to the impact their primary disability is having on their lifestyle.

  1. Get A Medical Diagnosis - Before starting a lifestyle impact submission, get a professional medical diagnosis for the mental health condition that is associated with the existing service-connected disability.
  2. Get A Nexus Letter - Get a nexus letter that specifically connects the secondary mental health condition to the primary service-connected disability. This is critical to the success of the claim and will require the submission of evidence linking the two conditions. The VA must be able to see that the secondary condition came about due to the life impact of the primary condition. Lifestyle impact claims are accepted or declined based on the evidence that shows this connection.
  3. Submit A Secondary Claim - Submit a claim for a lifestyle impact adjustment as a secondary claim only. Another common mistake that results in claim denial is accidentally filing a lifestyle impact claim as a primary claim.
  4. Expect To Have A C&P Exam - In most cases when being asked to increase a veteran disability rating in this way, the VA will usually request another C&P or Compensation & Pension exam. Veterans should be ready to take this exam and provide the required information supporting their claim that their mental health condition is related to their service-connected disability.

Get Professional VA Lifestyle Impact Claims Help

Veterans suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions can file a VA lifestyle impact claim if these conditions are due to their primary service-connected disability.

Yet it can be challenging to prove the disability connection in VA disability lifestyle impact claims.

For experienced VA lifestyle impact claims help, veterans should reach out to professional claims experts who can help them get their secondary claim accepted and disability rating increased to help them have a better lifestyle capability.

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