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To receive VA disability benefits, a veteran must show some kind of service-connected illness or injury that makes them eligible to receive them.

In some cases, the VA service related disability claims process can be quite lengthy, requiring much evidence to relate the condition to their service and multiple examinations.

Other times, veterans disability benefits are payable under what is called a presumptive connection.

Presumptive service connections make receiving VA benefits faster and easier, so any veteran seeking benefits should learn whether they qualify under this rule.

What Is A Presumptive Service-Connected Condition?

A presumptive service-connected illness or injury that makes a veteran eligible for VA disability benefits is one that is presumed to be present without the veteran having to prove it beyond reporting it during the claims process.

It is a condition that meets certain qualifications based on the VA’s list of presumed conditions that are known to exist among veterans.

Veterans who can file a VA service related disability claim based on a presumed service-connected condition can usually get through the claims process easier and start receiving benefits faster.

Since the VA knows these conditions exist in qualifying veterans, the veterans disability benefits process is expedited and usually does not involve the nexus requirement of needing a doctor to state that the condition is service-connected.

Who Qualifies for VA Disability Benefits For A Presumptive Condition?

VA disability benefits are available for a presumptive service-connected condition to veterans that meet the following criteria:

  • A veteran is diagnosed with a chronic disease like arthritis, diabetes, or hypertension within one year of active-duty discharge.
  • A veteran served for at least 90 continuous days and was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) after their discharge.

Additionally, VA service related disability claims can be made for presumptive service-connected conditions when the veteran falls under any of these categories:

  • Former Prisoners of War - Veterans who were a prisoner of war and have a disability of 10% or more may qualify depending on the length of their imprisonment and the condition they are suffering from. Qualifying conditions include psychosis and other mental health disorders, post-imprisonment osteoarthritis, various heart conditions, various metabolic and gastrointestinal conditions, and others.
  • Vietnam Veterans - Service members who were exposed to Agent Orange meet certain criteria and have been diagnosed with specific named conditions including various forms of cancer, heart disease, and other metabolic disorders may qualify.
  • Atomic Veterans - Service members who were exposed to radiation, meet certain criteria, and have been diagnosed with various forms of leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers may qualify.
  • Gulf War and Post 9/11 Veterans - Service members who meet certain criteria on where as well as when they served and have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition related to their time and place of service may qualify.

Veterans disability benefits are available to any veteran who meets one of these qualifications, as the VA assumes their exposure, and that any listed conditions diagnosed are related to their military service.

Discuss Presumed Conditions With A VA Disability Benefits Specialist

The VA disability benefits claims process can be long and difficult at times, causing some veterans to wait for months for approval and to begin receiving that essential pay.

Filing a VA service related disability claim for a presumed service-connected condition can help eligible veterans get those benefits faster.

To learn more about the specific conditions that qualify a veteran for presumed service-connected veterans disability benefits, veterans should speak with a VA benefits expert who can help them make sense of the claims process and get help as quickly as possible.

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