1. Our medical consulting fees are for “Pre-Filing VA Disability Claim Medical Consultation” relating to medical conditions that may potentially impact our Veteran Clients.  Truevet Solutions provides our clients free-of-charge access to software to assist our Veteran clients in preparing and submitting various forms to the VA.
  2. All claim preparation assistance is provided exclusively via automated software that our clients utilize and we NEVER charge a fee for the preparation of a claim.  All claims must be reviewed by the Veteran for accuracy and signed prior to being submitted by the Veteran to the VA.  Veterans are solely responsible for ensuring that all fillings the Veteran makes with the VA are accurate and timely.  Veteran releases Truevet Solutions from any responsibility associated with the accuracy or timeliness of any filing made by the Veteran to and with the VA.
  3. Truevet Soutions will review your military and civilian medical records, C-File documents, and medical case history as Truevet Solutions deems necessary and will provide medical consulting services to you and/or your attorney/advocate if applicable.
  4. Truevet Solutions does NOT guarantee you or your attorney/advocate that we will accept your case and provide medical consulting.  Some cases are not appropriate for our services.
  5. Truevet Solutions does NOT guarantee that your case or claim will prevail and be approved by the VA.  Veterans must understand that Truevet Solutions makes no promises or representations as to what your case or claim will ultimately be worth and no employee or agent of Truevet Solutions other than the CEO has the authority to bind or commit or extend promises to a Veteran.
  6. Truevet Solutions has a team of medical and legal professionals who review your case and write Medical Opinions, Independent Rating Evaluations, and assist you in preparing your Lay Statement in support of the claim.
  7. On a case-by-case basis, Truevet Solutions may assist a Veteran with any pending claims that have been filed prior to the signing of this agreement but have not yet been adjudicated by a VA REGIONAL OFFICE.  Veteran understands and agrees to compensate Truevet Solutions for any pending awards that the Veteran has filed with the VA if that award is adjudicated after executing this agreement.  TRUEVET SOLUTIONS STRONGLY PREFERS NOT TO WORK CASES THAT HAVE PENDING CLAIMS IN THE SYSTEM THAT HAVE NOT YET BEEN ADJUDICATED BY THE VA.
  8. Once Truevet Solutions assist you in getting a new claim service connected, Truevet Solutions will help you protect that claim from being lowered FOR YOUR LIFETIME – AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  9. Truevet Solutions is available to assist Surviving Spouses to receive approximately $15,000 per year for their lifetime in the event their Veteran spouse died from a service connected disability.
  10. Truevet Solutions does NOT charge you for preparation of case files, such as copy fees, mailing fees, etc. nor does Truevet Solutions charge you any up-front fees for the work it does.
  11. Truevet Solutions NEVER charges you a fee unless you have a favorable outcome on your VA claim that leads to either an increase in your monthly disability award OR results in the protection of a previously granted award that the VA was attempting to reduce.
  12. In the event, you have a Mental Health Claim requiring an Independent Medical opinion by a specialized mental health professional who holds the specific VA required credentials (i.e. Psychiatrist), you may be given the option to use a private provider OR use the VA staff doctors.  If you choose to use a private provider, that provider may charge you a fee for their services which is totally independent of Truevet Solutions and our medical consulting services.  The fee will be paid directly to the private medical provider and not Truevet Solutions.  This is OPTIONAL and not required, however many Veterans have found the expedited processing times and convenience are more than worth the nominal expense paid to the private provider.
  13. Truevet Solutions does not file your claim for you; either you or your attorney/advocate are responsible for filing your claim with the VA and you are SOLELY REPONSIBLE for ensuring all time sensitive responses to VA denials, notice and rulings (Notice of Disagreement, Form 9, etc.) are filed within the appropriate timelines allowed by the VA.
  14. Truevet Solutions provides Medical Consulting Services and is NOT your VA Representative.  Truevet Solutions does NOT represent you before the VA as an advocate or a legal representative and dos not provide legal advice.
  15. Once you execute this agreement Truevet Solutions will begin expending significant resources on your case.  Since we do NOT charge any up-front fees, this agreement cannot be terminated by the Veteran without the express written approval to terminate by Truevet Solutions.  Truevet Solutions will not unreasonably withhold approval to terminate this agreement once all pending case work has been fully adjudicated by the VA (including through the appeals process if applicable).


The medical providers in our network:

  1. Provide CREDIBLE and UNBIASED Medical Opinions based upon the history that the Veteran provides, the available medical-legal evidence, and the independent medical assessment.
  2. Every medical professional associated with Truevet Solutions has the sole authority and freedom to conclude that a claim lacks credible evidence to establish a service connection without fear of negative repercussions.
  3. Therefore, our Independent Medical Opinions carry significant weight before the VA and provide such value to our Veteran clients and their attorneys/advocates who may represent them.  It is a KEY to us helping you win ALL of your VALID CLAIMS.
  4. Truevet Solutions offers NO GUARANTEE that the medical opinion will be “favorable” to the Veteran’s VA claim.  If there is insufficient medical-legal evidence to support your claim, Truevet Solutions Independent Medical Opinion may be “inconclusive” or “unfavorable”.
  5. Thus, in summation Truevet Solutions DOES NOT control or dictate what is documented by one of our associated medical professionals in their Independent Medical Opinions and we provide NO GUARANTEE THAT THE INDEPENDENT MEDICAL OPINIONS WILL SUPPORT YOUR VA CLAIM AND/OR APPEAL.
  6. At Truevet Solutions, our mission is to continue to assist Veterans in uncovering legitimate service connected disabilities and securing the necessary documentation that is formatted in proper medical-legal fashion for submission by the Veteran to the Dept of VA.
  7. This is accomplished through a large network of Independent Medical Professionals who provide CREDIBLE and UNBIASED Independent Medical Opinions and documentation with a high professional standard of quality AND integrity.

I understand the level of services provided by Truevet Solutions and acknowledge that I am SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring all time sensitive responses are filed with the VA within the appropriate timelines AND this contractual agreement overrides any verbal or written representations made by Truevet Solutions staff before and after the execution of this agreement unless those representations are in writing and signed by the CEO of Truevet Solutions.


NOTE: There are specific additional supplements to the stand fee charges in the SUPPLEMENTAL FEE section that applies to select Veterans.  Veteran agrees to compensate Truevet Solutions according to the medical consulting fee calculation and schedule as follows.

Truevet Solutions will receive five times (5x) the increase in the Veteran’s monthly benefit award the Veteran receives from the VA, which will be paid in ten monthly installments equal to one-half (1/2) of the monthly increase.  Veteran will forward the payment to Truevet Solutions at the address at the top of this agreement within two (2) business days of the Veteran’s receipt of the increased monthly benefit award from the VA every month until Truevet Solutions fees are paid in full.

Truvet Solutions medical consulting fees shall equal five times (5x) the difference between the pre-consulting monthly compensation benefit award (from previously awarded military service connected disability claims percentage, if any) and the total new awarded monthly compensation benefit and percentage awarded (from VA compensation and pension, special monthly compensation, concurrent retirement and disability pay and combat related special compensation special compensation awards).  This is inclusive of VA compensation and pensions, additional spouse/dependent award, concurrent retirement and disability pay, combat related aid and attendance, DIC, and special monthly compensation awards.


A Veteran that is married and has no dependents is currently rated at a 50% rating by the VA.  He is applying for a new claim that has never been denied before and receives a monthly increase to an 80% rating and was also awarded Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) at 101.50 per month.

Thus, the Veteran’s total payment for services rendered is: Pre-Truvet Solutions Consulting: 50% = $917.13

Post Truevet Solutions Consulting 80% = $1640.48 + $101.50 = $1781.98

Difference is the above (monthly increase) = $864.85 x 5 months = $4324.25

Truevet Solutions Fee is payable over ten (10) monthly installments equal to 1/8 of the monthly increase or $432.42 a month.

Truevet offers a 10% discount on all fees paid in lump sum.