What Our Clients Say

Picture of Richard C.

I recommend True Vet for all Veterans regardless of their rating. True Vet Solutions and Tracey were pleasant and professional at all times. I did not know much about the process or how to begin. However, a friend gave me a number one day (Tracey’s number), and I was hesitant at first but eventually reached out to him. My only regret is that I took about 3 months to reach out to him. In less than a month, my rating was increased!!! The best part of all is I did everything via the internet. True Vet is a Veteran career support and Veteran resource service. I recommend you give them a chance to fight for you too if you are a Veteran who needs claim assistance. If you are a Veteran, take a chance on True Vet! You will not regret it! Thank you, Tracey and True Vet, for everything you have done for my family and me.

– Richard C.

Picture of Captain Neumann

I’m so grateful for Tracy with TruVet Solutions. He navigated the complicated VA system on my behalf so all I had to do was show up. If you’re a Veteran I highly recommend working with him to have your disability rating increased. He really made it a painless and efficient process. Thanks again, Tracy!

– Erin N, U.S. Army, CPT

Picture of T. Wallace

Finally! Someone who cared enough about my situation to go the distance with the V.A. I’ve been struggling with the system for years. True Vet Solutions did not disappoint!

Although hesitant, at first, when I finally reached out to Tracy, he and his team of experts went to work on my case immediately. They pursued until the desired outcome was achieved.

Tracy knows his stuff … all I had to do was wait. Thank you, True Vet; thank you Tracy Glover for changing my life!

– T. Wallace, USAF Retired

Picture of C. Barrett

True Vet Solutions is the only place I would recommend to any veteran for their VA disability compensation needs.

I recently retired from the Air Force and was fighting with the VA to reevaluate my disability rating. A veteran friend told me to give Tracey Glover, at True Vet Solutions, a call to see if he could help me.

Best call I ever made. Working with Tracy was TOO EASY! All I needed to do was get him the information and documents he requested, and he took care of the rest. He kept in constant contact throughout the entire process and was always available to answer any questions I might have had.

If you’re struggling with the VA to increase your disability rating, I highly recommend you let Tracey and the True Vet Solutions team help. There is literally nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Thank you, Tracey!

– C. Barrett

I was introduced to Tracy Glover by my friend Linda, who is also a veteran. She told me how Tracy assisted her in getting an increase. I contacted Tracy and he explained the steps I needed to take. I started the process around the end of December 2018 and I followed his instructions. He was always available when I had a question and he got back with me promptly. About 5 months later, I got my letter from the VA stating that I indeed received an increase! I was ecstatic…I went from 30% to 80%. It was all because of Tracy’s help! I have passed Tracy’s number on to my other veteran friends. Thank you again for all that you do to help our veterans!

– Sylvia D. Wilson

I’ve been fighting with the VA for an increase in my compensation for many years. Then a friend told me about True Vet Solutions. With their help, my compensation increased from 60 to 100 percent.

Tracy never promised me 100 percent, he just promised to do everything he can, and he did. Tracy genuinely cares about Veterans getting what they deserve. He is a warm, personable, hardworking man of his word.

If you’re perusing this site looking for help, wondering if you should go with True Vet Solutions, do yourself a favor and call Tracy. You’ll be glad you did!

– Janice Chavis

True Vet Solutions is an organization that takes personal interest in resolving your VA claim. Tracey Glover is very hands on when it comes to ensuring your paperwork is in order to be filed with VA.

He is excellent in walking you through every step of the process. I trust him without a doubt! He ensured my paperwork was in order and was able to have it approved in a matter of a few months. He will always take a personal approach with you. He is available to answer any questions you may have.

He is an honest, knowledgeable, and caring professional who wishes to ensure you get what you desire!!!

– Dr. Linda Richardson

Picture of Milton S.

I would like to commence with great gratitude to the professionals at True vet Solutions.

Prior to using true vet, I’d encountered a few roadblocks with filling my VA claim stemming from not being knowledgeable on the claims process nor how to properly file a VA claim with a successful outcome. I am extremely pleased with the work done by true vet solutions. From the very beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting them to obtain my 100% disability rating.

The staff was very professional and personable in assisting me with my claim to include the appeal process.

Thanks again for your service and support and I highly recommend using True Vet Solutions. Job well done!

– Milton S.

Picture of Billy Swain

“True Vet Solutions does exactly that, they provided me with the solution I couldn’t find for over 12 years of trying. The Veteran I spoke to knew how to address me and what it took to get me the increase I was entitled to. They have the compassion to be able to relate to Veterans due to the fact they are Veterans; they are Military Brothers and Sisters that take care of you!!

If you’re looking to file with the VA you want your claim to get approved. True Vets successfully delivered my claim in less then 30 days. I understand if you’re skeptic, I was too. In fact, the first few days of talking to them, I was still skeptic until I started the process. When they first contacted me I thought it’s not worth my time and I have tried this before. They have a very well structured process, everything was streamlined, made the claim process a breeze. From start to finish took two weeks and then WOW my claim was back approved!!”

– Billy Swain Army (Retiree)

Picture of Hans Simon

“True Vet Solutions was easy to work with, understanding, and professional. I was completely skeptical but after one of their representatives came to my house and explained the process I took a chance AND I’M SO GLAD I DID. The entire process from start to finish was less than thirty days; I got the increase that I had been fighting for in less than a month!!! I recommend you give them a chance to fight for you too if you are a Veteran who needs claim assistance.”

– Hans Juergen Simon, Sergeant E-5

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True Vets is the place to contact if want your claim to get approved in a timely manner. I called True Vet in April 2018 inquiring about a claim I needed to submit. At this time I was unaware I had PTSD. After explaining my story to Tracy Glover, it all made sense, I was suffering from PTSD. That was one of the best day of my life. He was very professional in all ways. He ensured my paperwork was in order and filled out correctly with all the information needed to get the claim approved. We had to submit a lot of follow-up documents to complete the process. He didn’t stop, very persistent, and he was able to get my claim approved! Tracy works hard to assist all vets that want to applied for disability rating. If you have been in the service and want to file a claim for your disability contact Tracy Glover at True Vet; he is a Vet himself, you won’t be disappointed!

– Cleo M. Miles

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“Tracy, I know that it’s late, but I had to reach out. I just saw on eBenifits that I’m 100% service connected. Thanks so much for all the hard work. You’ve gone above and beyond and I so appreciate it all. Yeaaahhhh we did it!!!!

– Ms. Hamilton