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The essential resources available to millions of disabled American veterans are awarded based on that veterans disability rating or degree of disability they have.

The VA disability rating system exists to allow veterans to declare their disability so it can be graded to ensure each veteran receives an appropriate amount of aid based on the severity of the disability.

It is a system that can seem complicated to many who do not understand how disability criteria are graded.

This brief VA disability rating help article will hopefully explain how these ratings work.

Who Qualifies for VA Disability Benefits And How?

Disability benefits are available to any veteran who has suffered a service-related injury or illness occurring while on active duty, active duty training, or inactive duty training and were not dishonorably discharged for any reason.

These criteria encompass a vast number of acceptable conditions, so VA disability ratings must be assigned to determine the type and severity of the condition.

Though these benefits are generally reserved for only those with honorable, medical, or general discharge, a veteran who was dishonorably discharged may request VA disability rating help to seek what is called a discharge upgrade through a review of their military record.

How Do VA Disability Ratings Relate To Disability Pay?

Veterans disability ratings determine the amount of disability pay that a veteran is entitled to receive based on the severity of their injury or condition and how it affects a veteran’s income-earning ability as well as quality of life.

Assigned in 10% increments, VA disability ratings gauge everything from a minor condition that is responsible for only a 10% disability to a more significant condition that has resulted in a 100% total disability.

Multiple conditions are also considered in the process of determining a combined, overall disability rating.

Compensation to veterans is awarded according to a rate-based fee schedule developed according to current estimated living costs, payments that are subject to annual cost of living increases.

How Are Veterans Disability Ratings Determined?

Veterans disability rating assignment starts with the submission of an information and assessment form where the veteran can provide details about their condition and how it affects them.

Various evidence of disability is considered when these applications are reviewed, including general military records and those relating to the condition, private and VA medical records, personal accounts, and other supporting statements.

Based on this information, a rating of disability is assigned, along with a monthly pay allowance.

In situations where the veteran disagrees with the assessment, they may seek VA disability rating help and have their application re-assessed to more accurately determine the degree of disability.

Seek Help For VA Disability Rating Problems and Questions

Every veteran who deals with a service-related disability is entitled to a fair VA disability rating assessment and consideration for disability benefits.

For veterans who face challenges getting properly assessed, reaching out for VA disability rating help is recommended.

Accurate veterans disability ratings are essential to ensure veterans get the pay and other benefits they are entitled to receive.

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