Navigating topics around veterans service related disability pay and how it is awarded is challenging for veterans just beginning the disability claims process.

With so many definitions and qualifications to sift through, it is no wonder that many people require disability pay claims help when trying to submit their claims or understand what benefits they are entitled to.

Below are some of the questions most commonly asked by veterans seeking service related disability compensation and the answers that can hopefully clarify them.

1. Am I Eligible for Service Related Disability Pay?

VA service related disability pay is available to military members who were injured or became ill during active duty, active duty training, or inactive duty training and have a service-connected disability.

These benefits are available to any person who served in any of the 5 branches of the U.S. military, was discharged honorably, and their disability can be proven to be service-connected.

2. What Is A Service Related Disability?

An injury, illness, or exacerbation of an existing condition that results in a disability is considered to be service related if it occurred during active duty, active duty training, or inactive duty training and can be proven to be related to this time.

A veteran can apply for VA service related disability compensation when evidence of the said condition, including military medical and current medical records, can prove this connection.

3. How Do I Apply for Veterans Disability Pay?

Applying for VA disability benefits is relatively easy.

All any veteran needs to do is to submit Form 21-526, Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension with the required inclusion of medical records and records of dependents as well as then the additional military records associated with the claim.

Veterans can seek VA disability pay help when preparing the evidence that supports their disability claim if they are unsure about what should be included to prove their claim.

The VA will also need a copy of the veteran’s discharge document, as benefits are only available to those who were honorably discharged.

4. What If My Service Records About My Injury Are Incomplete?

When official military records pertaining to a service-connected injury or illness are not complete, a veteran can also submit additional evidence supporting their claim.

Lay evidence like outside medical records, personal testimonies, and statements from doctors are all acceptable and can sometimes make the difference between acceptance and rejection when military medical records do not tell the whole story.

5. How Are Claims Evaluated and Compensation Determined?

VA service related disability pay is approved according to a compensation schedule that is based on the severity of the disability and the degree of impairment present that is affecting the veteran’s ability to work.

Veterans submitting claims must undergo a Compensation & Pension (C&P) exam with a VA doctor, after which their exam report will be considered along with all other evidence included with the application.

Approved applicants will then have their degree of disability rated according to the VA’s scale and their compensation approved at the amount set for that rating.

6. What If My Disability Claim for Benefits is Denied?

Since the application process for VA disability benefits can be complicated, veterans may have their claims incorrectly denied.

When this happens, veterans should challenge the denial with an appeal, then resubmit the claim with additional evidence supporting it.

Seeking VA service related disability pay help in these cases is very important, as these experts can usually determine what additional information a veteran needs to supply for approval and provide critical guidance to help them through the appeals process until their claim is re-evaluated.

7. Am I Still Eligible for VA Disability Benefits When Receiving SSDI?

Although they are both types of disability pay, VA service related disability compensation is separate from Social Security Disability Insurance.

A disabled veteran is entitled to receive both in most cases.

Contact A VA Disability Claims Help Expert

Filing for veterans service related disability pay and other benefits can be challenging, but it is something that every eligible veteran should do for their own well-being.

Enlisting the aid of a VA service related disability pay help expert can help with claims submission, claims denials, and any questions a veteran may have about their disability benefits.

A properly submitted veterans service related disability compensation application with all the relevant evidence will be properly processed so that veterans can start receiving the disability compensation to which they are entitled.

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