Currently, there are more than 4 million veterans receiving benefits for veterans disability claims as a result of service-connected injuries or conditions.

Though there are many conditions for which former service members can file veterans disability claims, there are a few conditions that are more common among all recipients.

Any veteran experiencing these conditions in relation to their military service can apply for VA benefits based on their degree of affliction.

A veterans disability claims expert can help with new claims as well as getting secondary or coinciding conditions approved for VA disability pay.

1. Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss and the constant humming or buzzing sound of tinnitus are two of the most common veterans disability claims filed by former military members to date.

Both can be caused by sudden or constant exposure to loud noises like aircraft and weaponry and may result in lasting auditory damage.

In both circumstances, a well-documented service connection is critical to qualify for VA benefits.

Veterans disability claims help can be useful for building the best claim to prove causation.


Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a mental health condition experienced by a large number of former military members, especially those who have participated in active combat.

Though PTSD was not so well understood in the past, there is much more knowledge about the condition today and how severely it can affect people.

Veterans dealing with symptoms of PTSD can seek assistance from veterans disability claims experts to help them gather the evidence necessary to prove a service connection and begin receiving VA benefits for their condition.

3. Limited Motion or Impairment of the Knee, Ankle, or Arm

Injuries to the knees, ankles, and arms that result in limited use of those body parts are common among retired military veterans.

Frequently, these issues develop over time, simply due to the constant overuse and straining of these joints during rigorous military service.

Many VA disability claims for these conditions are made after some time, as conditions first appear or worsen as the veteran ages.

4. Cervical or Lumbosacral Strain

Back and neck injuries are another very common reason for veterans disability claims, as these injuries, whether acute or chronic, can significantly affect a person’s life.

Retired military members dealing with neck or back pain to the point that it prevents them from leading a normal and comfortable life can receive disability compensation based on the severity of their conditions.

5. Paralysis of the Sciatic Nerve

Severe sciatica is one of the more serious spinal issues that retired veterans may experience, either directly after an injury or over time.

Unfortunately, it can also progress to the point of paralysis.

With hundreds of thousands of veterans seeking veterans disability claims help for paralysis of the sciatic nerve each year, it is a substantial problem affecting many former military members.

6. Migraines

Migraine headaches can be debilitating, lasting for many hours or even days.

They also have many causes and can result in a variety of symptoms that make leading a normal life difficult.

To prove a service connection, veterans experiencing migraines can seek assistance from veterans disability claims experts familiar with the condition and many of the ways that veterans can develop migraines in relation to their military service or other existing conditions.

7. Scarring

Though scars might seem superficial, some scarring can be excruciatingly painful, even after it heals.

Scarring and disfigurement can negatively affect a veteran’s life in many ways, making it yet another of the most common veterans disability claims for VA benefits when leading a normal life is not possible.

Seek Veterans Claims Help For Any Of These Conditions

Whether symptoms have just appeared or have been ongoing and worsening, veterans disability claims help is available to all retired military who deal with these most common conditions affecting veterans.

Knowledgeable veterans disability claims experts can assist veterans through the process of proving service connection for these common conditions and submitting a successful disability claim.

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