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Veterans disability compensation is available to eligible veterans who are disabled as a result of their military service.

While primary veterans service connected disability pay is given in accordance with the VA’s disability rating schedule, some veterans may also be eligible for Special Monthly Compensation if they meet certain disability criteria.

To learn more about Special Monthly Compensation and other additional funds, veterans should seek VA disability help to discuss their condition and what assistance they may qualify for.

What Is Special Monthly Compensation?

Special Monthly Compensation or SMC is a tax-free benefit that is paid in addition to regular veterans disability compensation to veterans who have qualifying injuries or conditions.

It is available to veterans with certain service connected disabilities that include the loss of certain extremities, certain organs, or the loss of use of certain organs.

Those with qualifying conditions who are dealing with special circumstances due to their injuries such as the need to depend on other people may receive additional compensation, putting them at a considerably higher disability pay rate.

Who Is Eligible for SMC?

Special Monthly Compensation VA disability help is available to veterans with any of these qualifying injuries or conditions:

  • Loss of a hand, loss of a foot, or loss of use of one
  • Paralysis or immobility of a joint.
  • Loss of sight in one or both eyes.
  • Deafness in both ears.
  • Loss of a reproductive organ or loss of use of one.
  • Loss of use of the buttocks.
  • Loss of tissue from one or both breasts due to radiation treatment or mastectomy.
  • Loss of the ability to communicate using speech.

SMC is also payable at higher rates in addition to regular veterans disability compensation for those with more than one of these conditions, based on the combination of injuries and its effect on a veteran’s life.

Various combinations of deafness and blindness, paraplegia with loss of bowel and bladder control, loss of use of multiple extremities, and others are eligible for higher rates of SMC.

Veterans who are housebound and/or bedridden as well as those who require the aid and attendance of someone else as a result of a VA-covered disability may also receive additional SMC.

How Do Veterans Apply for Special Monthly Compensation?

SMC should automatically be paid along with assigned veterans service connected disability pay based on the veteran’s medical exams, diagnosis, and provided evidence.

In the event that a veteran is not automatically receiving SMC or a service connected condition has worsened to the point that they now qualify for this supplemental income, VA disability help should be sought to investigate their current disability pay rate and apply for SMC if necessary.

Contact A VA Disability Specialist For Help

Wading through the rules concerning veterans disability compensation can be challenging for any veteran, especially those who may qualify for Special Monthly Compensation.

Veterans with questions about their service connected disability benefits and believe they qualify for SMC should seek a review of their benefits and disability claims to ensure they are receiving all eligible benefits.

Experienced VA disability experts can help veterans understand the benefits they are currently receiving and guide them through the process of applying for missing SMC so they receive the monthly income they are entitled to be paid.

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