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A critical factor for receiving VA disability claims benefits is the claim effective date, which is the date that the disability benefits become payable.

Because this is not always the date that VA disability claims personnel receive the claim and could be a date prior to the claim submission, there is sometimes confusion about when benefits actually become payable.

Veterans who are unsure of their effective date or how to prove that it should be sooner than the date they file their claim should seek VA disability claims assistance to go over their records and determine what the actual effective date should be.

Why Is the Effective Date for VA Disability Claims So Important?

The effective date of a VA disability claim is one of the most important details that apply to that veteran’s benefits award.

This date, which is determined by the VA after the submission of a claim for VA benefits, marks the date on which the claimant is to begin receiving disability pay and other disability-related benefits.

This date also affects Dependency and Indemnity Compensation or DIC for the survivors of those killed during service.

How Are Effective Dates Determined?

VA disability claims experts determine the effective date on disability benefits claims in one of two ways.

Generally, the effective date is stated as either:

  • The date that the claim was received by the VA or
  • The date that the entitlement arose,

whichever of these happens later.

Since this applies only to disabilities that develop after service, there are some other factors that could be critical in determining an accurate effective date.

VA disability claims filed within a year of separation from the military after suffering a disabling condition can be considered effective as early as the day after separation.

Presumed service connection disabilities may also qualify for a next-day after separation effective date as long as claims are filed within that first year after separation.

What Can Happen When An Effective Date is Incorrect?

When a disability effective date is incorrect, that veteran is missing out on essential back pay and other benefits to which they are entitled.

This is especially critical for veterans who have reduced or no ability to earn income and for DIC survivor benefits.

Can An Effective Date Be Re-Assigned?

If a veteran believes their effective date is incorrect, they have the right to appeal that decision by re-opening their VA disability claim to have their case considered again and submitting any new evidence to support their appeal.

The appeals process can be a lengthy one but is worthwhile if it means the veteran could recover years' worth of back pay due to an incorrectly assigned effective date.

To do so successfully, it is recommended that veterans contact a separate VA disability claims expert who can go over their case and help them state their case to the VA if the effective date is thought to be incorrect.

Seek Help from VA Disability Claims Experts For Effective Date Challenges

Dealing with VA disability claims problems can be challenging for veterans trying to secure the extent of disability benefits they deserve.

Sometimes, VA disability claims assistance is necessary, especially when appealing critical benefits effective dates.

Any veteran confused or in disagreement about their effective date and in need of appealing that decision should speak with a VA disability claims expert who can help them get their effective date adjusted and reclaim any additional back pay they are owed.

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