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Veterans service related disability pay is issued according to the disability rating assigned after the veteran submits his or her disability claim.

Some veterans may disagree with these rating and require disability pay help to have their rating and thus their disability pay increased.

These are three ways that veterans seeking to have their disability pay increased can do so through the VA rating system.

1. Request A Rating Increase For Worsening Conditions

Many conditions for which veterans receive service related disability pay can worsen over time.

When this happens, veterans are entitled to file a disability pay claim requesting a benefits increase if their condition is making life more challenging.

To have a rating increase approved, the veteran must be able to provide evidence that their condition is worsening and that it is causing a greater effect on their quality of life and employability.

Approved claims that result in a rating increase will bring with it a higher disability pay amount according to the VA disability rating benefits schedule.

2. File A Secondary Disability Claim for New Service-Related Conditions

Over time, some veterans may develop new conditions secondary to their service-related condition or their service-related condition may exacerbate an existing condition.

In these instances, they may be able to file a secondary VA disability pay claim based on that second condition.

As with all other disability claims, they will need to provide evidence that the secondary condition is due to or is being worsened by their primary condition.

Approved secondary claims may provide an increase in veterans service related disability pay if the secondary condition results in an overall rating increase.

3. Apply for TDIU Benefits

One last way that those seeking veterans disability pay help can have their pay increased is to file for Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability.

This may be an option for veterans with a 90% disability rating if they have difficulty finding or keeping a job due to their condition.

TDIU is not the same as having a 100% rating, but it offers the same service related disability pay as a 100% rating if the veteran is able to prove that they are basically unemployable with a 90% rating.

It is important to note that veterans may receive TDIU benefits or a 100% rating, but not both at the same time.

Still, the disability pay rate for both would be the highest tier.

Talk With An Experienced Disability Pay Help Professional

Getting a disability rating increased so that a veteran receives higher service related disability pay can be challenging, but it is not impossible.

For those veterans who have legitimate reasons to seek a higher rating and increased pay, an experienced disability pay assistance professional can help.

Service related disability pay help experts can review disability ratings with veterans who feel they are entitled to an increase and help them decide on the best way to file a successful ratings appeal.

For some, it can make a significant difference in the amount of disability pay they receive each month.

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