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A veterans disability rating is required for any disabled veteran seeking disability pay from the VA.

The process of seeking this rating, as well as many of the associated details, can be complex.

Fortunately, veterans disability ratings assistance is available to any veteran needing help with their rating or filing their disability claims.

Starting with this guide, various veterans disability rating solutions can help veterans better understand the claims process and how to receive the fairest rating and resulting disability pay.

What Is A Veterans Disability Rating?

A veterans disability rating is a percentage of service-connected disability that a veteran is determined to be experiencing on which their disability pay amount is based.

For any veteran to begin receiving disability pay, they must go through the rating process and receive a disability rating.

How Are VA Disability Ratings Assigned?

To receive a veterans disability rating so they can start receiving disability benefits due to a service-connected condition, veterans must submit evidence of their disability, undergo a C&P Exam, and include other information as required by the VA.

The rating is based on the degree of disability the veteran is experiencing and how it affects their ability to lead a normal life and stay gainfully employed.

With the right veterans disability rating assistance for submitting the most important and convincing evidence, veterans may receive a rating of between 10% and 100% as well as combined ratings that will entitle them to benefits as assigned to those rating levels.

What Conditions Are Eligible For Receiving A VA Disability Rating? 

Veterans seeking a VA disability rating may do so when they can provide evidence of a qualifying service-connected injury or condition that has permanently affected them after their service duty.

These conditions can fall into various categories:

  • Physical Injuries - Injuries to the body resulting in lasting effects such as the loss of a limb, musculoskeletal disorders, ongoing chronic pain, and many others.
  • Service-Connected Conditions - In addition to physical injuries, a number of other service-connected conditions like hearing loss, respiratory disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and many others qualify for VA disability rating.
  • Mental Health Conditions - Numerous mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and others, which are related to military service or occur secondary to some other type of service-connected condition, may be eligible for evaluation to receive a VA disability rating.
  • Chronic Illnesses - Also eligible for VA disability ratings are chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and others which are service-connected conditions or result from one.
  • Secondary Service-Connected Conditions - Conditions that are caused by or made worse by a primary condition can also be rated by the VA and added to the rating to create a total combined rating that covers multiple conditions.

Can VA Disability Ratings Be Changed?

Should a veteran receive a disability rating that they feel is unfair, the veteran can appeal the decision and seek a rating re-evaluation.

Similarly, should a new condition occur or a current condition worsens, veterans should seek veterans disability rating assistance to help them submit the additional evidence and records to support those changes and have their rating re-considered.

In Need of Veterans Disability Ratings Assistance?

Though the process of receiving a veterans disability rating is relatively straightforward, submitting the evidence required to do so can get confusing for some.

In these cases, veterans disability ratings assistance provided by ratings experts can be extremely helpful.

Whether a veteran needs help knowing which evidence to submit or are seeking a VA disability ratings solution for appealing or increasing a current rating, the needed help is available!

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