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When a veteran receives a 0% disability rating from the VA system for their disability claim, they may be confused and disappointed.

A 0% rating means their VA service connected disability is non-compensable, so they will not receive any disability pay.

It is important that veterans understand what a non-compensable disability is and how it affects their VA disability benefits as well as the fact that they can appeal this decision in various ways.

With the right VA system assistance, even veterans with a non-compensable condition can ensure they are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to, both today and into the future.

What Is A Non-Compensable Service-Connected Disability?

When the VA system returns a disability claim with a 0% disability rating, it means they view the condition to be non-compensable.

Non-compensable conditions are those that, while they are acknowledged by the VA as being service-connected conditions, do not result in any symptoms that affect employability or the veteran’s quality of life at the time the disability claim is made.

Those with a 0% VA service connected disability rating receive no disability pay, although veterans are still entitled to other VA benefits.

What Benefits Do Veterans Receive With A 0% Disability Rating?

Veterans who have received a 0% disability rating for a non-compensable service-connected condition are still entitled to other VA system benefits.

Those include VA healthcare, dental care, and vision care as well as reimbursement for travel and expenses to and from approved medical appointments and low-cost VA life insurance for veterans with service-connected disabilities.

What If A Veteran Disagrees With Their 0% Disability Rating?

A veteran who receives a 0% disability rating from the VA system may not agree with this, especially if they feel that their disability has negatively affected their life or employability.

In these cases, veterans should seek VA system assistance from someone who can help them review the non-compensable rating and gather the evidence required to appeal it.

In many cases, when a veteran can prove that they do experience some symptoms from their service-connected disability, their rating may be increased and entitle them to disability pay according to their new rating.

Can A 0% Disability Rating Be Increased?

Yes, VA disability ratings can be increased to provide monetary benefits in certain circumstances.

Veterans with VA service connected disability ratings of 0%, but whose symptoms increase over time, are able to file a claim to have the rating reassessed.

When doing so, they must submit valid evidence that the condition has worsened and that they now have symptoms that affect their employment and quality of life.

Seek VA System Assistance For Help With Non-Compensable Disability Ratings

Veterans who have received a 0% disability rating from the VA system for an acknowledged but non-compensable service-connected condition and disagree with this rating do have some recourse to have their disability rating increased.

With the right VA system assistance, veterans may be able to appeal this decision to have the rating reconsidered or file for an increase if their symptoms have worsened.

Disabled veterans with a non-compensable condition may be able to have their VA service-connected disability rating increased to receive some disability pay when presenting evidence that supports their claim.

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